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A Boot Camp is a type of training that has physical, mental and emotional elements to build strength and endurance that, with time, gets to be performed with ease. A lean and healthy body comes from a persistent discipline and a systematic lifestyle. Likewise, life comes with bouts of challenges designed to make us heal - mentally and spiritually. Life is a school and a correctional facility where, once we are mentally and spiritually conditioned, all the trials become opportunities to transmute our obscure and fearful experiences into love and miracles. Bootcamp in Miracles, the author shares valuable elements for a spiritual mind training mostly based on the principals of the A Course in Miracles (ACIM). In a simple language, the first part of the book brings psychology, neuroscience and Quantum Physics basics to make the theoretical part of non-dualistic mystical teachings more down to earth, reasonable and understandable. A good example is the common fundamental concept of the ACIM, Buddhism and Vedanta that life is an illusion when we all feel it so real and solid. Part two is a recollection of personal experiences where the author put the teachings into practice and the lessons into perspective; as by the end of the day, miracles are a change in perspective. This book shares how these elements can merge the gap between a conceptual understanding to a more practical and engaging spiritual path. Theology and words alone cannot make one experience the complexity of our Div...

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